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Welcome to the Atomic Marketing Training Topics Page.

This where you will find links to the relevant training guides, written versions of the live training/podcasts.

I have broken the Marketing guides into 4 categories 

1. Content Marketing


2. Customers


3. Planning


4. Marketing Basics





What is Marketing?

It’s no coincidence that the greatest business people of all time have also been great marketers.

Too often marketing is viewed as a supporting role for sales. 

On the contrary, marketing is the most all-encompassing function of any business.

Marketing is what the business does, how it does it and for whom.

Can you eloquently explain what your business does in one or two sentences?

Sometimes called the elevator pitch.

This is what you say when someone asks you what you do?

It should succinctly describe who you serve, and what you do for them.

The 6 Principles of Influence

Understanding the 6 principles of influence can be a key factor in your marketing message.

The six Principles of Influence are;


Robert Cialdini’s excellent book ‘Influence’ is a must read for any one wanting to understand the psychology of persuasion.

Fix these 5 Mistakes Fast

The 5 most common mistakes I see garage owners making are;

  1. Poor Website Design
  2. E-Mail address ends with a service provider, not a business name
  3. No or Incomplete Google Business Profile
  4. Low-impact social media Ads/posts
  5. Not being involved in your community

These common mistakes are all free/low-cost opportunities to start improving your marketing.

Do not spend any more money on paid ads until you have maximised your free/low-cost marketing.

Then design your paid ads around what worked in your free marketing.

The next biggest mistake is trying to do it all yourself.

Marketing requires expertise, are you an expert in copywriting, web design, SEO, and social media.