Garage Websites

Garage Websites

This training topic looks at three different areas

  1. the three most important pages on your website.
  2. the key elements on those pages
  3. the blog or news feed

Why does a Garage need a Website?

Websites, most businesses have one, if you don’t, then you need to get one. Because in this fast-paced digital era, having a website for your garage is no longer an option, but a must-have.

It’s the virtual gateway that connects you to your potential customers, boosts your visibility and sets you apart from your competitors.

However, building a professional garage website requires expert input.

If you are not a website expert, then I suggest that you get an expert to do it for you.

Because the time you spend building your website could be better off doing what I would call your highest Income Generating Task (HIGT)

That is probably not building your website. So unless you’re an expert in SEO, keywords and you have the discipline to update the content that is required to build a professional-looking website, then I suggest this is something that you outsource, get a professional in and do for you.

It will probably pay for itself many times over.


I understand why as a business owner and especially a Garage owner you want to have a certain amount of input into the appearance of your website because you want to inject your personality and your values into that website because you want customers to be able to see what you’re all about.

But that can still be done if you get the right people to build your website for you.garage 

What are the three most important pages on your Garage website?

  1. Home page
  2. About us page
  3. Landing pages

The most important page is your home page.

It’s the first page visitors see when they land on your website if they type in your garage name.

Because normally the garage name is part of your web address, your website serves as the virtual storefront for your garage and it needs to make a strong impression.

The home page should provide an overview of the garage highlighting your key services, expertise and unique selling points.

You need to make sure your home page is visually appealing and easy to navigate. 

It really does need to pop out at the audience or the potential customer.

The home page is the one that you need to spend the most time on initially or get a professional to do it because they will know what makes a good home page.

The about us page is the next most important page on your website because it’s essential for potential customers to learn about your garage before visiting in person.

It’s a safe place for both parties to discover if they are a good fit.

The about us page should not be a template, it should have the very personality of your business injected into it.

The about us page is also where you can put any job adverts and you can always be recruiting via your about us page because you can say you are always looking for talent.

This allows you to be continuously recruiting, which is one of the things that I advocate in business.

Do not only look for talent when you need staff.

Always be on the lookout for exceptional talent.

That doesn’t mean you are looking to get rid of staff, but you never know when the right person is looking to join the business.

Always be recruiting and the about us pages are a great place to put your vacancies but also include that you are always looking for talent and anyone and everyone should apply if they feel they have something to offer your business.

The third most important pages on your website are the landing pages.

A landing page provides detailed information about the range of services you offer.

These pages should be accompanied by a full description highlighting the benefits and value to your customers including relevant images or videos conferring enhance the presentation of your services. Ensure to emphasise any specialist services or certificates the garage has as it can help you differentiate from your competitors.

You should have a landing page for each and every one of your services, because this is where you add the detailed information that is not on the homepage. 

The homepage outlines your key services, but a landing page for each and every one of the services you provide makes your garage visible to potential customers should they enter that keyword in a search. This is what differentiates you from other garages because if the service you are providing has a dedicated landing page is going to contain far more information than a competitor’s homepage.

Most other garages will have a homepage and very little else in terms of the content on their website.

Key Elements of your Garage Website

What should be on each and every page?

A Garage website serves as an information hub for your business and every page should have consistent branding and it should only include images of your site and your staff.

Do not use library images, this is really really important.

UK technicians do not wear dungarees, however, it is all too common to see dungarees on garage websites, which is a sure sign that they are using library images. 

What does it say about your business if you can not be bothered to take a few photos?

You want your website to look and the customer experiences online to be exactly the same experience as they would have if they walked into your building. They will see the same members of staff and see the actual building.

Do not use photos of the most expensive car that has ever been to your garage either.

That Bentley Continental that you MOT’d once upon a time ago because you think that looks impressive. Because 99.99% of your customers do not drive Bentleys because you are a general repair workshop. Some might think that you are not the garage for them because you fix Bentley Continental’s.

If you are more likely to be servicing a fiesta or a focus have pictures of Fiestas and Focuses in the background because that’s the work you want to attract.

It’s obvious when it’s pointed out, but it is not so obvious when you’re trying to build an impressive-looking website.Garage 

Every page must have clear and prominent calls to action

A contact form every page should have a contact form.

All the necessary contact information such as the garage address, phone number, email address, operating hours, and map and directions plus any additional information that customers may find useful like where they can park, and where they shouldn’t park.


This should all be on every page of the website, so whatever page the customer is on they can find you and they can get in touch with you.

Remember, clear and prominent calls to action.

You want your customers to contact you, so make sure it is obvious, frictionless and give them options to let the customer can decide what is most convenient for them.

 Online booking forms allow customers to conveniently schedule visits to their garage of choice.

Are a must nowadays, it’s almost expected of a modern garage to be able to book online, because it removes a great deal of the friction.

The new generations do not like to call, if they can get away with messaging or online bookings that’s what they prefer to do.

It’s convenient for them, they can do it when they want.

Are you making access to your garage convenient?

Every page should include customer testimonials and reviews.

Dedicate a section on every page to showcase customer testimonials.

Highlight positive feedback stories from satisfied customers who have had a great experience at your garage.

It’s called Social Proof and it can help build trust and encourage potential customers to choose your garage for their vehicle needs.

How to build Landing Pages

Every time you promote a service you provide on social media that should point not to your home page but to the landing page created just for that particular service.

You need a landing page for each and every service, one for everything you can think of that your business does. It’s a mammoth task.

If you get an expert to do your website for you they should be able to create a landing page for every single service that you provide. Provide them with them a list of the services you want to create landing pages for, the text, images and video content you want to see on there and they’ll incorporate that into the landing pages they create for you.

If you are determined to DIY your website, create landing pages for the most profitable jobs first.

The work you find yourself posting about on social media.

Whenever you run an online ad or a social media post build a landing page for that service, this way you will create landing pages organically.

Most garage businesses waste time and money on social media posts and paid ads that point back to the homepage, they must point back to a landing page that makes a specific offer to that customer for a specific service.

This is something garages do not do particularly well.

The blog or News Feed

The reason this is one of the most important elements of your website is it allows you to update the content. Search engines love updated content.

Especially if you have your website built by a professional, they normally allow access to the blog or the news page, whatever you want to call it, even the offers page on your website.

It must be constantly updated.

It can be a bit of a challenge even if you have the discipline to keep updating it.

Most business owners simply run out of stories, news and offers.

So here are some ideas for blog content.

A great cheat is to use industry news and updates.

Keep your audience informed of the latest trends, advancements and news in the automotive industry. This not only showcases your garages awareness and involvement in the wider industry, it positions you as a trusted source of up-to-date information.

Simply check out what the big names in the automotive industry are saying, what they are utting in their news feeds. Put your spin on that once a month, job done.

Case studies or success stories, highlight successful repair and maintenance projects your garage completed.

These case studies can demonstrate your garage’s problem-solving abilities, technical expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

One of those a month, dead simple.

Special offers and promotions.

Use your news or blog page to announce and promote any special offers. Or seasonal promotions your garage is running.

These can include, packaged deals or limited-time offers, regularly updating your audience about these promotions, can encourage them to take advantage of any discounts and drive more business to your garage.

Community involvement and events.

I love this one. Share information about any community involvement, initiative sponsorships or events your carriages participate in.

Demonstrating your garage’s commitment to the community can help build a positive reputation and foster greater customer loyalty.

Remember, if you have an outside agency building your website for you, you still have the opportunity to inject your personality into the website by providing material for them to use.

When they ask for content send them as much as you can.

They will pick what’s good and what’s suitable.

Once it’s built, ensure the about us page reflects the personality and values of the business. 

Finally once a month, minimum, ideally once a week, update your blog page.

Google loves websites that are constantly updated, it will help your SEO.

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